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One of the things that sets Finley and Bologna apart from other law companies practicing immigration, international, corporate and real estate law is the fact that they have lived and breathed the world. Above all, they are personable and always have time for you.

Stefania Bologna born in Italy, involved in law there and is invaluable in being able to advise Europeans wanting to establish themselves in the U.S. knowing the way of life here while being very aware of European culture.

Chandler Finley grew up in the U.S. and has extensive experience in Washington and across the U.S. including attending London, Belgium opportunities. His love of the law has led him to help thousands of foreigners in establishing themselves in the well as servicing clients in the U.S.

This month they are very busy helping clients with the annual Green Card Lottery in October and with helping people from overseas with immigration requirements now that the U.S. is opening up early November allowing people to travel here more freely.

Finley and Bologna’s clients come from all walks of life, from polo and equestrian players and owners, to entertainers and artists, to corporate executives, crew on board ships, families, individuals and more.